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Positivity: We Are Better Than We Think We Are

We are in the midst of a global human experience. The coronavirus does not know gender, race, nationality, political belief, or bank account. The Misery Factor out there right now is pretty intense! I see it on the faces of everyone - worry, fear and anxiety which only brings more of the same - increased, sustained misery could ultimately be the great tragedy of this virus outbreak. In recent weeks, we’ve all gotten many letters from CEO’s, theaters, and scientists telling us to stay calm and wash our hands. I want to offer something else... I stand for the proposition that we are better people than we think we are.

During this madness, our country and our communities need us to be strong, positive and fearless. The glass is either half full or half empty and I choose to see the glass as half full. The stock market was due for a correction anyway - we all knew that. It will rebound in time like it
always does. Businesses will recover. Our immune systems will be strengthened. We will eat better, exercise more, connect more with our families and loved ones and have richer experiences as a result. This panic will ultimately force us to become closer and rely on each other more as we recover.

I am making sure I dose positivity into my environment - at the grocery store, at the office, in the street, at the gas station. I encourage all of us to do the same. Smile encouragingly at others. Be kind. Be patient. Help. We are a unique bunch and these trying times are a test of our character, our capacity to be kind, our ability to love even when it’s scary. And when it’s over, we will each be enriched by having spread encouragement, kindness, positivity and love throughout our communities.

Wishing you all good health.

Hesha Abrams, Esq.

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