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Hesha Abrams is a master at turning high conflict into amicable resolutions and resolving delicate matters with diplomacy and skill. She is renowned for her success in resolving complicated and high-stakes disputes from corporate disagreements to political conflicts. She has resolved thousands of high profile or difficult matters, including mediating the case over the secret recipe for Pepsi. She has worked with a wide range of clients, from large multinational companies to individual inventors, creating deals and solving cases. Her strategic ability to remain cool-headed and balanced in complex situations leads to successful outcomes making her a leading name in her field, and an invaluable resource in any dispute resolution process.


She specializes in crafting innovative solutions for complex or difficult matters in Intellectual Property, Commercial, Pharmaceuticals, Securities and “Deal Mediation”, which is driving a complex business deal to a successful signing.


She taught mediation and negotiation at the Hague International Symposium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. She was on the national panel for Dow Corning Implant cases and was the Chair of the Texas Bar Intellectual Property ADR Committee. She has been appointed Delegate to the Fifth Circuit Judicial Conference, three times, elected as a fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and received the Brutsché Award for Excellence in Mediation from the Association of Attorney Mediators. She is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell. Hesha has successfully mediated for thousands of parties and was an innovator in the mediation field serving on the legislative task force that drafted landmark ADR laws. She mediates, consults, and negotiates on behalf of private parties throughout the country and internationally with 30 years of in-the-trenches experience. She has worked in London, Hong Kong, Mexico, Germany, Thailand, and India and with parties from all over the globe in complex commercial, business and patent licensing deals.

Interesting Cases Hesha Has Resolved

Hesha has worked with many of the Fortune 100 and these major players: Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Baker Hughes, Chevron, Chubb Insurance, ExxonMobil, Facebook, FujiFilm, GE, Google, Haliburton, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kimberly Clark, Nike, NVIDIA, Pepsi, Schlumberger, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, as well as thousands of smaller companies, individuals, and inventors.

  • Massive pharmaceutical inventorship dispute involving multiple parties, a major university, noteworthy PhDs, venture capital firms, and a multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical giant; settlement was worth several billion dollars.

  • The fight over ownership of the recipe for Pepsi.

  • Responsibility over a major nine figure environmental cleanup site for ExxonMobil; cleaning up toxins from leaching into our groundwater where our wheat is grown.

  • Approximately $500 million plus settlements over significant telecommunication patents for Verizon, Vonage, AT&T, and Sprint.

  • Patent infringement and theft of trade secrets disputes for Fortune 500 cosmetics companies: Cellex C and Skinceuticals.

  • Mass computer systems patent infringement suits for Google, IBM, and others.

  • Major hospitals fighting over trademarks: branding Medical City and Childrens Hospital.

  • Created a settlement in an emotional and highly political fight over teaching the Bible in public schools in a Texas school district involving the ACLU, parents, and community leaders.

  • Resolved eight-party construction dispute over Whole Foods' large building roof cave-in.

  • Website hostage suits involving South American gangsters.

  • Settled death, brain damage, and class action breast implant cases.

  • Class action over substandard care in nursing homes.

  • Asbestos litigation involving massive insurance claims.

  • Airplane crash case involving Army Reserve officers.

  • Large employment and discrimination class actions.

  • Municipalities involved in heated political firings.

  • Disability access case against historic hotel.

  • Internal law firm disputes for large national law firms.

  • Established management-union partnership councils at four VA medical centers.

  • Antitrust and securities fraud matters among corporate interests.

  • High profile software litigation among confidential parties.


Hesha is also a sought-after speaker for keynotes, corporate events, trainings, and fireside chats. Her popular new book, “Holding the Calm: The Secret to Resolving Conflict and Defusing Tension”, is an insightful, practical, and easy to use guide to defuse tension, eliminate conflict, and get deals made.

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